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Spirit Wear Shop Open

Hello NYLAX Nation!


Sorry to blast everyone with another email today but with registration open parents have been asking about how to replace just one piece of a uniform if the other half of it is in good shape.


To provide a place for parents to only replace one part of the uniform instead of both if that's all they need we've re-opened the Spirit Wear Shop.  Go to the website - NoblesvilleYouthLacrosse.com - and in the left hand navigation click the Spirit Wear Link.  There you'll see all of the items available with Noblesville Lacrosse and if you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see the sublimated items and the boy's and girl's skorts, shorts, and pinnies.  Here is where you'll order your single pieces for uniforms if you need them.


If you are ordering a new uniform through the Spirit Wear Shop be sure to register your son or daughter in the HAVE uniform section for their team so you are not paying for a full uniform.


The site will be open until 3/2/2018 and at that time we'll close it, process all orders, and have orders available the week we return from Spring Break on or around 4/9/2018.


Have a great day everyone!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 01/16/2018
Registration Questions Answered

Hello NYLAX Nation!


I've received emails with good questions from parents so I thought a follow up email to last week's registration email would answer some of those questions for all of our NYLAX Families.


If your son or daughter is no longer part of NYLAX and you wish to no longer recieve these emails you can go to the bottom of this message and click the button to be removed from our email list.  Once that is done you will cease to receive any communications from our website.


In order to register go to our website at - NoblesvilleYouthLacrosse.com - once there the Registration link is in the left hand navigation.  You can find the correct registration for your son or daughter and get them registered there.


Season start and end dates.  We go outside for our Spring Season on or as close to March 1 as weather will allow.  We play a cold Spring sport so we try to be aware of the weather, etc. when making those decisions.  Our outdoor season will run right up to the IYLA State Tournament dates which for boys will be on May 19th at Center Grove and for girls will be May 20th at HSE.


Age ranges, the typical rule of thumb is our 10U teams are 3rd & 4th grade, 12U are 5th & 6th grade, and 14U are 7th & 8th grade. Last year the IYLA institued a birthday based age clasification as opposed to the grades so the specifics are 10U is birthdates between 9/1/07 - 8/31/09, 12U is birthdates between 9/1/05 - 8/31/07, and 14U is birthdates between 9/1/03 - 8/31/05.  All of the teams are set to those parameters so if you are trying to register for a team and the site won't let you be sure your child's birthdate is in the correct range for that team.


Indoor opportunities - the Boy's & Girl's Club Learn to Plays were very successful for us in the Fall but renting that space really adds up in cost to the club.  As we move through January and February we are working with the schools to find gym space that we can access at no cost to keep the sticks in the kid's hands.  Since we are not a school sport we must take the gym space that is available so we will not have set times for these practices.  With these gym times fluxuating keep an eye on your emails as we'll be announcing gym times and teams to use them each week.  These are voluntary practices but we encourage each memeber of NYLAX to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as they can.


Hope this clears up a few questions I've been receiving but if you have any additional questions please feel free to send them along.


Have a great day!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 01/16/2018
Registration for 2018 Spring Season is OPEN!!!!

Hello NYLAX Nation!


As of today registration for ALL of our 2018 Spring Outdoor Teams is open and available.


Base cost for all players is $175 for this Spring Season.  If you get registered prior to 1/31/18 you can take advantage our our Early Bird Special and save $25 on your registration.


Beginning this year ALL of our teams will be using the customized uniforms.  If you are a returning player and already have your uniform be sure to register in the HAVE Uniform section for your team.  if you do not have a uniform yet or if your uniform is damaged, too small, and you need one make sure to register in the NEED Uniform section for your team.


Important registration dates:


        -  Registration Opens - 1/9/2018

        -  Early Bird Special expires - 1/31/2018

        -  NEED Uniforms must register by 3/2/2018 so we have time to get them ordered and in

        -  Late registration has a $50 fee added and runs 3/2/2018 - 4/1/2018

        -  Registration closes for all teams 4/1/2018.



Any questions please reach our to Rick Atkins at rick@jesterpromotions.com


Don't waste any time, get your son or daughter registered today!!!!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX



by posted 01/09/2018
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