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Learn to Play and Lots of Info

Hello NYLAX Nation!


Lots of info in today's blast so I'll bullet point what I want to say to make it all easier to follow.


Learn To Play - Only 3 Learn to Play events left before we go outside!!  The one tomorrow night will be SUPER Cool because the High School coaches, both boy's and girl's, will be coming and bringing some of their players who are NYLAX graduates with them to participate in drills and talk to the kids.  Will be awesome for our current NYLAX players to connect with some former NYLAX Players!  Thanks to Mike Navarro for getting this one set up for us.  I know the summer families are receiving these emails now so apologies but LTP are only for Noblesville players.  Space is at a premium and we use these events to recruit for our program.  All Noblesville players join us tomorrow night at East MS from 7 - 8:30pm.


Uniform sizing - there will be uniforms for the kids to see and try on at the final three Learn to Play events.  Uniforms must be ordered by March 1st to allow enough production time to have them in when we get back from Spring Break.  We'll have a variety of sizes in both boy's and girl's for the kids to see and try on so we make sure what we're ordering for you is the correct size.


Numbers and sizing on uniforms - we are beginning to get our rosters together and looking at numbers that are already taken by returning players.  Your coaches will be in touch this week or early next to get your uniform number and size if you are registered in the NEED uniform category.  Please provide them with the sizes you pick out after trying on gear at the LTP and then give your top three number choices.  Uniforms are reused from year to year so we look at rosters to ensure no one 1 year older or 1 year younger has the same number.


Registration - Remember, Standard Registration closes on March 1st.  After that, each player registration will have a $50 late fee and those players will be assigned one of the extra uniforms so will not have number choice and will not have their last name on their pinnie.  If you are wanting your son or daughter to play LAX this spring get them registered now!!


Spirit Wear - Our Spirit Wear shop is still open so go get your gear for the upcoming season.  One heads up is all the sublimated gear needs to be ordered by March 1st.  If your son or daughter needs a new game pinnie, shorts, or a skort please get them ordered prior to March 1st.  If you'd like an all over sublimated hoodie or shooter shirt or one of our pullover nylon jackets those also must be ordered by March 1st.  All of that stuff is ordered with our uniforms and has the same 3 - 4 week lead time so we order all that gear on March 1st hoping for delivery the week we return from Spring Break.


Sponsorships - To date we only have one family that has purchased a sponsorship for this season with NYLAX.  These sponsorships and fundraising dollars are essential to keeping the costs down for all of our participants.  Mike Navarro is our Head of Sponsorships and Fund Raising so please respond to this email or reach out to Mike directly if you have an interest in a NYLAX sponsorship.  We need to hear fairly soon so Mike has the time to get all sponsor names and logos on our promotional materials for the season.


Crew Car Wash - Speaking of fund raisers, we'll be doing the Crew Car Wash again this year.  Our month is March so beginning March 1 and running to March 31 the club receives 50% of the money spent on our link to purchase car washes.  When the link goes live we'll promote it at that time, just want everyone to be aware and looking forward to that.  Great thing about buying these washes online is they NEVER expire.  In two years when Crew has raised their prices by $4 you can still wash at todays prices if you buy enough coupons in March!!  


Summer LAX - Great news! Both teams (boy's 12U and boy's 14U) are going to happen for the summer!  Right now the 12U has 22 registered so we will cut it off at 24 if we have two more who would like to get in.  The 14U currently sits at 9 registered but I know we'll be Ok to play tourneys, etc. if we get 15 players and I know I can recruit 6 more through the spring.  So, I am starting the process of reserving our tourneys and I have one of my 12U moms working on hotel reservations, etc. for me so stay tuned for more info as we have it on Hamilton County Crush.  And 14U players, keep helping me recruit so we can be sure to get our few more we need.


OK, I think that's enough for one email blast.  Get to the Learn To Play tomorrow night to try on uniforms and meet and talk to the HS coaches and NYLAX Alumni and KEEP RECRUITING NEW PLAYERS TO OUR PROGRAM!!!!


Have a great day everyone!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 02/19/2019
Learn To Play Tonight!!!

Hello NYLAX Nation!


I've confirmed with the school and even with the weather and the snow we have our space secure and will have our LTP tonight at East MS from 7 - 8:30pm.


Male players, please bring your gloves and have them on for your workout.  Season is almost here so we need to get the feel of our equipment.


Attendance continues to be great for these events so let's keep the momentum rolling!  These workouts are for EVERYONE - we had a 4 year old girl with a stick in her hands on Monday.  Future Miller!!


See you all tonight!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 02/13/2019
Learn To Plays are On this week!

Hello NYLAX Nation!


We have word from the school that we have our gym space so Learn To Plays are on for this week!


We will have workouts tonight and Wednesday night from 7pm - 8:30pm at the East Middle School Gym.  We have some players new to the program so the address of the Middle School is 1625 Field Drive, Noblesville, IN  46060 the tennis courts are on the east end of the building so turn in between the tennis courts and the building and park and enter those doors on the east side.  Wrap around to the left to find our gym space.


Boys, please bring and wear your gloves tonight.  Not only because we are getting closer to the season and need to get accusomted to how the stick feels but also because we've done some 3 v 2 work and don't want any smashed fingers on stick checks.


Registration Reminder - Registration remains open and standard registration runs through March 1, 2019.  After that date any registration incurs a $50 late fee.  You've all heard me say it many times, the board has no interest in charging anyone this fee, it is there to promote registration as early as possible.  It not only helps us plan the season, but uniforms must be ordered on March 1 to arrive in time for the season. So, if you plan to play, get your son or daughter registered today!


Last week our LTP events were amazing, 30 on Monday and 41 on Wednesday!  Let's keep that momentum rolling, these events are open to EVERYONE regardless of age, gender, or LAX experience.  We have sticks and equipment you can borrow so show up in shorts, T-shirts, and gym shoes and give LAX a try.


Have a great day everyone and we'll see you all tonight!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 02/11/2019

Hello NYLAX Nation!


I have received a bunch of these requests to add emails to a team list and I have only been dealing with 2 of our 6 teams so I wanted this info out to everyone.


As the administrator I CAN NOT add an email to a team list.  We do all of our blasts from the team pages so it is automatically broadcast to everyone and also gets archived on the team home page so if anyone misses anything you can visit your team page to catch up.


Since we do the blasts from the site, the site automatically populates our addresses from the profiles of the players registered for that team.


So, if you would like someone added to the distribution list the only way to make that happen is to log into the site, open your player's profile, and add any additional emails to that profile.  Once that happens that email will receive all future communications.


Also, all posts are archived to your team page so you may click there anytime to catch up on recent posts.


Have a great day all!!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 02/08/2019

Hello NYLAX Nation!


I've had a couple emails today so wanted to get a blast out to everyone and let you know we are having our Learn To Play tonight in the East MS Gym from 7pm - 8:30pm.  


This event is open to EVERYONE regardless of age, gender, or LAX experience.  We had 30 out for Monday which was amazing, at the end I told them all to come back and to all bring a friend tonight so we should be PACKED.


Reminder, registration is still open for all of our teams and standard rates apply through March 1, 2019.  After that point there is a $50 late fee so if you or some one you know is planning to register their child have them do it right away!!


Spirit Wear Shop is open and taking orders.  If you have an interest in any of the sublimated items (pullover hoodie, 1/4 zip jacket, shooter shirt, or replacement uniforms) get those orders in before March 1st.  On March 1 all sublimated items and uniforms will be ordered to allow for their 4 week lead time.  So, after March 1st those items will be removed from the online store and no longer available.  http://noblesvilleyouthlacrosse.com/Store/Store.asp?id=6892&n=60961&org=NOBLESVILLEYOUTHLACROSSE.COM


Final note for this email, if you have not already get over to our Noblesville Youth Lacrosse Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=noblesville%20youth%20lacrosse&epa=SEARCH_BOX.  Mike Navarro does a great job with this and the more likes, follows, and clicks we get the higher we go on search engine results so get to the site today and promote it to a friend.


We'll see eveyone tonight at the Learn To Play!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX



by posted 02/06/2019
Learn To Plays and Summer Lacrosse

Hello NYLAX Nation!!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!!!


Two quick notes for this Sunday Morning, first is our Learn To Play events this week.  All we can telll you right now is keep an eye on your email tomorrow.  With the melt, the weather, and the rain that is coming we may have a spot reserved but if the rain comes the HS Softball team is going to bump us.  No way to know for sure right now how it will play out so rest assured we are doing our best to secure space.  Once we know for sure an updated email will go out tomorrow either cancelling or announcing our location.


Either way we will NOT be at East Middle School so make sure to keep an eye on email and keep informed.


Second for today is a note on the Summer Program we are getting started.  The honest lay of the land right now is it looks like we'll have plenty of players for our 12U boy's team but we still need to do some recruiting for the 14U boy's team.  The summer tourneys are already starting to fill up so we need to start getting registered and deposits paid for players so we can begin reserving spots and paying deposits for tourneys.  Planned tourneys right now are in town at The Grail weekend of June 8 - 9, Lax - N - Nati in Cincy weekend of June 15 - 16 and we're looking for a third tourney last week of June or third week of July.


12U will be for current 4th, 5th, and 6th graders - Registration is open now - 12U boys - https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/Restrictions.asp?RegID=259323&n=104483&org=NOBLESVILLEYOUTHLACROSSE.COM  


14U will be for current 7th & 8th graders - 14U boys register here - https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/Restrictions.asp?RegID=259328&n=104483&org=NOBLESVILLEYOUTHLACROSSE.COM


It is a $200 deposit to register and the remaining $175 will be due by March 31st.  Our plan is to register through February to see where our enrollment is at.  If we have enough then we'll begin our registration process in the tourneys and if we come up short all deposits made in February will be refunded 100%.


We've had a lot of interest in this program so now is the time to step up and register if it's something your son would like to participate in so please don't delay, get registered today!


I have also created a flier about the Hamilton County Crush if anyone would like to receive more information.  We are keeping this an open program to anyone who would like to participate and I've recruited kids from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel , Mt. Vernon, and Ft. Wayne so anyone you know who may be interested please forward them the info.


Any other questions please reply to this email and I'll answer them best I can.


Have a great day everyone and LET'S GO RAMS!!! (I could care less about the Rams, just cheering against the Patriots!)


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 02/03/2019
Final Early Bird Discount Reminder

Hello NYLAX Nation!


I know everyone is aware of the Early Bird Discount expiring because in the past 24 hours we have had 15 players register for one of our Spring Teams.


That's Awesome!


Early Bird Discount expires at Midnight Tonight!


If you have not made it to the site yet for some reason please take advantage of the discount by registering today!  If you have an issue, monetary or otherwise, that is preventing you from registering and taking advantage of the discount please reply to this email and make us aware of your situation.  We'll do all we can to help and to extend the discount if it is appropriate.


Finally, we as a board want to make sure everyone is aware that we do have a limited number of scholarships available for players who otherwise might miss out on the opportunity to play.  We do ask a parent of a scholarship athlete to take a leading role on the team and to volunteer for as many shifts as possible throughout the season.  We also have a wealth of equipment available for loan if anyone is having trouble coming up with equipment.  


Keep Recruiting!!  Registration continues to outpace last year and we don't want to lose this momentum through February leading up to us going outside first week of March.


Have a great day everyone!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 01/31/2019
Less than 34 Hours for Early Bird Discount

Hello NYLAX Nation!


Quick reminder to everyone that our Early Bird Discount expires tomorrow night at Midnight.


If you have not yet registered your son or daughter get to the site TODAY and take advatage of the discount.


Remember, in addition to staying warm today your most important assignment was to call or talk to someone who's kids do not play lacrosse and tell them how amazing it is and that the Early Bird Discount expires tomorrow.


Our numbers are way ahead of last year at this same point but we are yet to completely fill any one team and our Girls 10U is the team that we need to recruit for the most.


Have a great day and stay warm!!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX


by posted 01/30/2019
NO Learn To Play This Week

Hello NYLAX Nation!!


The Learn To Play we had scheduled for tomorrow night is now being cancelled.  We recieved a message earlier today that due to extreme wind chill factors all practices, meetings, groups, etc. were cancelled for tonight and tomorrow night.


I'm sure you all recieved the same call, text, and email that I did that school is out for tomorrow so stay inside, stay warm, but most importanly, call a freind who doesn't play Lacrosse and tell them how amazing it is and they only have a little over 48 hours from right now to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount.


Be warm, be safe, and we'll hope to get some LTP time scheduled for next week.


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 01/29/2019

Hello NYLAX Nation!


We wanted to get the word out as early as possible so everyone can plan accordingly that there will be NO Learn To Play events next week.  The school is hosting basketball games in both gyms on both Monday and Wednesday so our group gets bumped.


If you have not registered yet, click on the site and get there and get it done!!!!  Clock is ticking on the Early Bird Discount.


Keep recruiting!  Now is when all of our hard work throughout the year trying to get kids into the program pays off but it only works if they get to the site and register.


We'll reach out next week with schedules for the coming weeks as soon as we know what dates we'll be able to have the gym.


Good Luck to all of our MaxLax Teams tomorrow night!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

by posted 01/17/2019
Learn To Plays Begin Tonight!

Hello NYLAX Nation!


There are a few items in this message so please make sure to at least skim through to see what applies to you and/or your player.


First and foremost reason for the message is our Learn To Play events start up again tonight.  We will have two practices this week, tonight from 7 - 8:30pm and Wednesday from 7 - 8:30pm both in East MS Gym.  These workouts are for anyone and everyone, boys and girls, and all skill levels are welcome.  If you don't have gear, we'll have equipment and a stick for you to borrow.


Next item to bring up is registration.  We are plugging along but all the teams are far from full.  Remember, you are our best recruiters!!  Get your son or daughter to talk to classmates, neighbors, winter sport teammates, etc. and get people to the site to sign up!!


The Early Bird Discount has just 17 days left on it, if you know your son or daughter is playing get to the site NOW before it runs out.  The direct link is - http://noblesvilleyouthlacrosse.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=104483&org=NOBLESVILLEYOUTHLACROSSE.COM - or from the homepage of our site hover over HOME in the upper left hand corner of the screen and it's the 8 item down in the drop down menu.


When you register make sure to pay attention to which section are you are registering and make sure it is correct.  If you have a uniform from previous years and it still fits, etc. you are set, register in HAVE Uniform.  If you need a uniform as a new player or a replacement as a returning player register in NEED Uniform.  


Unfortunately the site will not let us get number and sizing needs.  When you register as a NEED uniform, the uniform is paid for and the middle to end of February coaches will reach out to teams to gather sizes and numbers for their teams.  We make sure no one your player's age or one year younger or older will have the same number so we'll avoid overlaps and as long as it fits the uniform will work for future seasons as well.


Each year we have some players who just need one piece or the other replaced in their uniform or players who register in the wrong space and need to order uniforms.  For these instances you may visit our Spirit Wear Shop.  Hover over the same HOME button and I think it is the third choice in the drop down menu.  There are boy's pinnies and shorts and girl's pinnies and skorts available.


Speaking of Spirit Wear, several families have asked so I am in the process of re-opening the store right now so everyone can get their gear for the season.  There are several sublimated items this year, the sweatshirt, the pullover jacket, as well as the uniforms.  Any sublimated items MUST be ordered by Friday 3/1/2019 and will be delivered with Uniforms the week of 4/8 when we return from Spring Break.


That was a bit hidden so I'll reiterate the last line from the previous paragraph that all uniforms will be delivered the week of 4/8 when we return from Spring Break.


Remember, Early Bird cut off is 1/31/2019 and if you register after 3/2/2019 there will be a $50 late fee and your son or daughter will have to take one of the extra uniforms we'll order so they will not have their name on their pinnie or choice of number so get registered today!!!


As always, any questions, etc. please respond to this email to let me know.

Otherwise, we'll see  you at the LTP tonight and KEEP RECRUITING!!!!


Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX


by posted 01/14/2019
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